The pulped grape skins produced after the delicate pressing of the must at the end of the fermentation process transmits its characteristic perfumes of Brunello to our grappa, creating a unique and unmistakeable product.

Light refinement in small cherry wood barrels produce a special intensity of aromas, which together with a and not excessive alcohol content and complete transparency produces a soft and complete grappa able to satisfy the most sophisticated palate.

Always excellent, especially so after supper with friends, or in relaxing moments.


The importance of Extra Virgin Olive Oil as part of a healthy diet is an established fact.

The Crocedimezzo Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced in extremely limited quantities. It is made exclusively from the first pressing of the estate's olives. These olives are picked by hand and are taken immediately to the local oil press.

The precious liquid is extracted by mechanical processes at a temperature of roughly 26°C. No chemical substances are used so as to avoid alterations and to keep the oil's characteristics intact.

Our oil is distinguished by its intense fruity aroma and extremely low acidity.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil contains natural substances that have an anti-oxidising action. This helps prevent various pathologies and protects the oil itself from going rancid.

It should be kept in a cool place, far from direct sources of light and protected from extremes of temperature.

You can freeze small doses and enjoy it drizzled on toasted bread for an excellent "bruschetta". This way you can preserve the aromas of the new oil for several months after pressing.


This typically feminine liqueur was very popular at the start of the last century and is once again regaining its popularity as a result of the efforts of our farm that endeavours to propose all that is tradition, custom and culture.

As such we can recommend this drink as a digestive and as a valid accompaniment to certain deserts, or even as a way of concluding an evening happily spent among good friends.

Prepared using the pulped grape skins of an of the Brunello produced on our farm, and bottled in ampules made from precious blown glass, this very special liqueur is a symbol of a timeless refinement that has always characterised our farm.


Miele di millefiori


Our wildflower honey is produced in the woodlands surrounding the estate and is immediately packaged in order to keep its extraordinary nutritional characteristics intact.


Honey contains both glucose and fructose and is therefore a useful component in a daily diet. Glucose is easily digested and can be used quickly by the body whereas fructose is a slow burning source of energy.

This is the reason why honey is often recommended to children, elderly people and athletes.

Another advantage of honey is that it is naturally very sweet - much more so than sugar - which means a small reduction in calories for those who opt to sweeten with honey.

The authenticity of our honey is guaranteed by the estate. This gives our honey an extra value and it is much loved by our clients.

We usually collect it at the end of August and it is available in very small quantities.