An great 4 star year, its rating not so much reflecting the quality of the wine but rather the fact that it followed two previous 5-star rated years.
A “typical” summer enabled the slow and constant maturation of the grapes. The results of this can be wholly appreciated on the palate.
The altitude of our vineyards, at 480 metres above sea level means that the extraordinary perfumes of our wines can be maintained. Immediate perfumes of freshness and goodness united with a great structure that give this wine the capacity to age and refine still more in the bottle and the potential to be enjoyed for many years to come
Characterised by soft yet pronounced tannins, the wine’s excellent structure enhances the specialised work of the winery, a work that has managed to encapsulate all the special perfumes from the vineyard and transfer them into the bottle.
Once again can present our devoted clientele with a product that is both traditional and profoundly connected to our territory.


Oenotechnician: P.A. Roberto Nannetti

Oenologist: Dr. Paolo Vagaggini

Grape Variety: 100% Sangiovese Grosso, yield 70 quintals per hectare

Vinification: pure Sangiovese, with selected grapes, at controlled temperatures for 20 days
Colour: intense ruby-red
Perfumes: fresh with overtones of red berries
Taste: decisive and persistant with fine tannic notes
Gradation:14% Vol.
Production zone: Montalcino, eastern region, vineyard altitude 480 s.l.m.

Ageing: 30 months in oak barrels from Slavonia and Allier 32 hl - 25 hl

Bottle ageing: bottled July 6th 2012

Tasting temperature: 18°C

Food pairing: Best paired with important dishes such as red meats, mixed grill, game, mature cheeses. Excellent after dinner.s